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Golden Artists Acrylic Paint

Golden produce a huge range of Acrylic colours. They use only the highest quality pigments suspended in a 100% acrylic emulsion to achieve paints that offer excellent permanence and light fastness. They do not use any fillers, extenders, opacifiers, toners or dyes in their production.

The colour chart and prices listed below are for their Heavy Body Acrylics range which has an exceptionally smooth, thick buttery consistency. In addition they make Open Acrylics which are slow drying, Fluid Acrylics which are pourable and High Flow Acrylics which are similar to inks and air brush paints. The colours available vary in each range so please contact us for more details.We stock the most popular colours in the 60ml Heavy Body Acrylics range. All other sizes are available to order in 7-10 days.

Buy any 4 tubes of 60ml size for a 20% discount.

Items marked in red are already discounted.

Items marked with a blue # are non-stock. Allow 7-10 days to order.

Please note : All prices quoted are inclusive of Vat. Please contact us if you would like prices excluding Vat.

Payments can be made over the phone by credit & debit cards. Delivery charges vary according to weight and volume of goods. Call 020 8469 0260 or email info@archmaterials.co.uk

Price Group 60ml 236ml 473ml 946ml 3.78ltr
incl VAT
S1 8.95 19.60 # 29.20 # 49.45 # 131.25 #
S2 9.95 22.00 # 35.60 # 65.20 # POA
S3 11.50 23.96 # 38.20 # 70.46 # POA
S4 12.95 26.00 # 43.45 # 77.20 # POA
S5 13.75 30.00 # 50.95 # 87.70 # POA
S6 15.95 35.15 # 59.20 # 101.95 # POA
S7 17.50 39.95 # 67.45 # 115.45 # POA
S8 19.25 43.15 # 74.20 # 127.45 # POA
S9 20.75 50.35 # 82.45 # 149.95 # POA
Whites and Blacks are available in 3.78ltr buckets. Colours can be special ordered from Golden. Allow 6-8 weeks. Prices on application.

Fluorescent colours are available in 473ml and 946ml pots.

Mica Flakes are available in 236ml, 473ml and 946ml pots.

Titanium White S1

Zinc White S1

Titanate Yellow S1

Cadmium Yellow Primrose S7

Hansa Yellow Light S3

Bismuth Vanadate Yellow S9

Cadmium Yellow Light S7

Primary Yellow S2

Hansa Yellow Medium S3

Hansa Yellow Opaque S4

Cadmium Yellow Medium S7

Cadmium Yellow Medium Hue S4

Cadmium Yellow Dark S7

Diarylide Yellow S6

Aureolin Hue S3

Nickel Azo Yellow S6

Indian Yellow Hue S4

Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold S7

Quinacridone Burnt Orange S7

Cadmium Orange S8

Transparent Pyrrole Orange S5

Vat Orange S8

Pyrrole Orange S8

Cadmium Red Light S9

Pyrrole Red Light S8

Quinacridone Red Light S7

Naphthol Red Light S5

Pyrrole Red S8

Cadmium Red Medium S9

Cadmium Red Medium Hue S4

Cadmium Red Dark S9

Pyrrole Red Dark S8

Naphthol Red Medium S5

Quinacridone Red S6

Primary Magenta S6

Light Magenta S2

Medium Magenta S6

Quinacridone Magenta S7

Quinacridone Crimson S7

Alizarin Crimson Hue S7

Permanent Maroon S7

Quinacridone Violet S6

Permanent Violet Dark S7

Cobalt Violet Hue S3

Medium Violet S6

Light Violet S3

Ultramarine Violet S4

Dioxazine Purple S6

Smalt Hue S1

Ultramarine Blue S2

Light Ultramarine Blue S2

Cobalt Blue S8

Cobalt Blue Hue S2

Cerulean Blue Chromium S7

Anthraquinone Blue S7

Prussian Blue Hue S4

Phthalo Blue Red Shade S4

Phthalo Blue Green Shade S4

Primary Cyan S2

Cerulean Blue Deep S9

Manganese Blue Hue S1

Azurite Hue S1

Teal S3

Phthalo Turquoise Light S3

Phthalo Turquoise S4

Cobalt Turquoise S8

Phthalo Green Blue Shade S4

Viridian Green Hue S1

Phthalo Green Yellow Shade S4

Permanent Green Light S4

Cobalt Green S4

Hookers Green Hue S7

Jenkins Green S7

Sap Green Hue S4

Terre Verte Hue S1

Chromium Oxide Green Dark S3

Chromium Oxide Green S3

Light Green Blue Shade S3

Light Green Yellow Shade S3

Green Gold S7

Titan Buff S1

Naples Yellow Hue S2

Yellow Ochre S1

Yellow Oxide S1

Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide S3

Raw Sienna S1

Mars Yellow S1

Transparent Red Iron Oxide S3

Red Oxide S1

Violet Oxide S1

Burnt Sienna S1

Transparent Brown Iron Oxide S3

Burnt Umber Light S1

Burnt Umber S1

Raw Umber S1

Van Dyke Brown Hue S3

Carbon Black S1

Mars Black S1

Bone Black S1

Paynes Gray S2

Graphite Gray S2

Neutral Gray N2 S1

Neutral Gray N3 S1

Neutral Gray N4 S1

Neutral Gray N5 S1

Neutral Gray N6 S1

Neutral Gray N7 S1

Neutral Gray N8 S1

Iridescent Copper Light Fine S7

Iridescent Copper Light Coarse S8

Iridescent Copper Fine S7

Iridescent Copper Coarse S8

Iridescent Bronze Fine S7

Iridescent Gold Fine S6

Iridescent Gold Coarse S6

Iridescent Gold Deep Fine S7

Iridescent Bright Gold Fine S7

Iridescent Gold Flake Mica Small S5

Iridescent Gold Flake Mica Large S5

Iridescent Pearl Fine S4

Iridescent Pearl Coarse S4

Iridescent Pearl Mica Flake Small S5

Iridescent Silver Fine S5

Iridescent Stainless Steel Fine S5

Iridescent Stainless Steel Coarse S5

Iridescent Micaceous Iron Oxide S4

Iridescent Black Mica Flake Small S5

Coarse Alumina S4

Interference Gold Fine S7

Interference Orange Fine S7

Interference Red Fine S7

Interference Violet Fine S7

Interference Blue Fine S7

Interference Green Fine S7

Fluorescent Chartreuse S5

Fluorescent Orange Yellow S5

Fluorescent Orange S5

Fluorescent Red S5

Fluorescent Pink S5

Fluorescent Magenta S5

Fluorescent Blue S5

Fluorescent Green S5

Phosphorescent Green S7