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Michael Harding Artists Oil Paint

This exceptional range of high quality paints are made using recipes and techniques which date back to the days of the old masters. This choice originates from Michael Harding's dedication to create colours that are both vibrant and durable.

We stock the full range of colours in the 40ml tube size and the most popular colours in 60ml & 225ml.

Items marked with a blue # are non-stock. Allow 7-10 days to order.

Please note : All prices quoted are inclusive of Vat. Please contact us if you would like prices excluding Vat.

Payments can be made over the phone by credit & debit cards. Delivery charges vary according to weight and volume of goods. Prices are quoted at time of ordering. Call 020 8469 0260 or email info@archmaterials.co.uk

Price Group incl VAT Retail Price 40ml Our Price 40ml Retail Price 60ml Our Price 60ml Retail Price 225ml Our Price 225ml Retail Price 1ltr Our Price 1ltr Retail Price 2.5ltr Our Price 2.5ltr
Series 1 7.55 5.95 10.80 8.65 31.80 24.95 108.00 79.95 # 264.60 197.95 #
Series 2 12.00 9.60 16.80 13.45 54.00 42.95 # 184.80 139.95 # 415.80 310.95 #
Series 3 16.80 13.45 24.00 19.20 68.40 53.95 # 226.80 169.95 # 516.60 386.95 #
Series 4 26.40 20.95 38.40 30.70 108.00 85.95 # 369.00 275.95 # 819.00 613.95 #
Series 5 31.20 24.95 45.60 36.45 # 126.60 99.80 # 428.40 320.95 # 1020.60 764.95 #
Series 6 48.00 38.40 72.00 57.60 # 210.00 159.75 # 712.80 499.95 # 1701.00 1189.95#
Series 7 75.60 59.95 98.40 78.70 # 331.20 249.50 # 1126.80 795.95 # 2709.00 1898.95#

Special offers on 225ml tubes of Series 1 colours.

Subject to stock availability.

Allow 14 days for delivery.

97.80 for any 4 colours (retail 127.20)

Equivalent to 24.45 each tube.

Add 7.95 for UK delivery.

191.60 for any 8 colours (retail 254.40)

Equivalent to 23.95 each tube.

Add 9.95 for UK delivery.

Titanium White 1 in Safflower Oil S1

Titanium White 2 in Linseed Oil S1

Titanium White 3 with driers in Linseed Oil S1

Zinc White S1

Warm White ( Lead Alternative ) S1

Warm Light Yellow S2

Lead Tin Yellow Light S5

Lead Tin Yellow Lemon S5

Lemon Yellow S1

Cadmium Yellow Lemon S4

Bright Yellow Lake S1

Cadmium Yellow S4

Yellow Lake S1

Cadmium Golden Yellow S4

Aureolin S5

Cadmium Yellow Deep S4

Yellow Lake Deep S2

Indian Yellow S2

Indian Yellow Red shade S2

Permanent Orange S2

Cadmium Orange S5

Cadmium Red Light S5

Cadmium Red S5

Cadmium Red Deep S5

Genuine Chinese Vermillion S7

Napthol Red S3

Rose Madder S5

Scarlet Lake S2

Crimson Lake S4

Alizarin Crimson S3

Brilliant Pink S2

Cobalt Violet Light S6

Magenta S3

Amethyst S3

Alizarin Claret S3

Quinacridone Rose S3

Manganese Violet S3

Cobalt Violet Dark S6

Ultramarine Violet S2

Prussian Blue S1

Phthalocyanine Blue Lake S2

Ultramarine Blue S1

Afghan Lapis Lazuli S7

Cobalt Blue S5

Cerulean Blue S6

Phthalocyanine Blue & Zinc White S1

Kings Blue Deep S2

Kings Blue Light S2

Phthalocyanine Turquoise S2

Cobalt Turquoise Deep S5

Cobalt Teal S5

Deep Purple (Dioxazine) S3

Terre Verte S1

Oxide of Chromium S3

Phthalocyanine Green Lake S2

Phthalocyanine Green Yellow shade S2

Viridian S5

Cobalt Green Deep S5

Bright Green Lake S1

Permanent Green Light S2

Emerald Green S2

Permanent Sap Green S2

Italian Green Umber S1

Unbleached Titanium Dioxide S1

Genuine Naples Yellow Light S6

Genuine Naples Yellow Dark S6

Yellow Ochre S1

French Yellow Ochre S1

Yellow Ochre Deep S1

Naples Yellow S2

Transparent Yellow Oxide S2

Raw Sienna S1

Raw Umber S1

Venetian Red S1

Indian Red S1

Transparent Red Oxide S2

Red Umber S1

Burnt Sienna S1

Burnt Umber S1

Paynes Grey S1

Lamp Black S1

Ivory Black S1

Vine Black S1

Neutral Grey S1

Vandyke Brown S1

Transparent Oxide Brown S2

Italian Brown Ochre S2