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Modelling, Casting, Tapes & Glues

We stock a range of essential products used in a wide range of modelling, casting and craft applications. In addition to these listed products, we can supply many other materials to special order.

Please note : All prices quoted are inclusive of Vat. Please contact us if you would like prices excluding Vat.

Payments can be made over the phone by credit & debit cards. Delivery charges vary according to weight and volume of goods. Prices are quoted at time of ordering. Call 020 8469 0260 or email info@archmaterials.co.uk

Air drying clay 1kg 4.95 Air drying clay 4.5kg 12.95 Air drying clay 12.5kg 23.95 Alginate 500gms 14.25

Plaster of Paris 1kg 6.25 Plaster of Paris 2.5kg 9.95 Latex 1ltr 18.95 Masking tape 25mm 3.25

Masking tape 50mm 5.75 Low tack Masking tape 25mm 4.25 Double sided tape 25mm 5.25 Gumstrip tape 50mm 7.95

Framers tape 50mm 5.95 Swan Moreton Scalpel Handle 5.95 Swan Moreton Blades 1.50 Disposable Scalpel 1.00

UHU glue 125ml 4.75 Permanent Mountspray 400ml 11.95 PVA glue 500ml 3.25 PVA glue 1ltr 5.95