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Pencils, Graphite & Charcoal

We have chosen, Koh - I - Noor and Coates as our stock brands because of their quality and value for money. We can also supply a range of presentation to special order.

Please note : All prices quoted are inclusive of Vat. Please contact us if you would like prices excluding Vat.

Derwent Artists Pencils Derwent Drawing Pencils Koh - I - Noor Clutch Pencils Coates Willow Charcoal

Drawing & Sketching Pencils

Per Pencil Per Pack
Koh - I - Noor Graphite Pencils. Available from 6B to 4H grades

Koh - I - Noor Graphite Pencils. Artist tin set, ranging from 8B - 2H grades.

Koh - I - Noor Graphite Pencils. Graphic tin set, ranging from 5B - 5H grades.

Koh - I - Noor Art & Design clutch pencil. 2mm thick leads

Koh - I - Noor Fine art clutch pencil. 5.6mm thick leads


Koh - I - Noor Large Hexagonal Graphite stick. 10mm thick. 6B grade.

Koh - I - Noor Woodless Graphite pencils. Available in 2B, 6B & 8B.

Koh - I - Noor Graphite Powder. 80ml bottle.


Coates Willow Charcoal. Medium grade, 25 sticks per box.

Coates Willow Charcoal. Thick grade, 25 sticks per box.

Coates Willow Charcoal. Tree stick, 1 stick per box.

Compressed Charcoal sticks. Available in Black & White.

Charcoal Pencils. Dark grade.

Carbon Pencils. Dark grade.

Koh - I - Noor Small Putty Rubber.

Fixative Spray. 400ml tin.