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C.Roberson & Co. 'Charles' Studio Oil Paint

C.Roberson & Co. have formulated their 'Charles' studio oil colours for both professional and students alike. They retain a very high pigment strength for an economically priced paint. We believe this range to be far superior to other brands producing paint for this market. We stock the full range of colours in 225ml tubes.

225ml tube Series 1 : Retail 14.90 : Our price 13.40

225ml tube Series 2 : Retail 17.40 : Our price 15.60

225ml tube Series 3 : Retail 24.90 : Our price 22.40

225ml tube Series 4 : Retail 30.90 : Our price 27.80

Please note : All prices quoted are inclusive of Vat. Please contact us if you would like prices excluding Vat.

Zinc White S1

Titanium White S1

Primrose Yellow S3

Lemon Yellow S1

Cadmium Yellow Pale Genuine S3

Cadmium Yellow Hue S1

Cadmium Yellow Genuine S3

Cadmium Yellow Deep Genuine S3

Yellow Deep S1

Orange S1

Scarlet S1

Cadmium Red Genuine S4

Permanent Red S2

Deep Red S1

Rose Madder Quinacridone S3

Crimson S3

Magenta S2

Alizarin Crimson S2

Violet S1

Prussian Blue S1

Phthalo Blue S1

French Ultramarine Blue S1

Cobalt Blue Hue S1

Cerulean Blue Hue S1

Light Green S1

Emerald Green S1

Terre Verte S1

Sap Green S1

Opaque Oxide of Chrome S3

Phthalo Green S1

Viridian Green S1

Flesh Tint S1

Yellow Ochre S1

Indian Yellow Hue S2

Light Red S1

Indian Red S1

Burnt Sienna S1

Raw Sienna S1

Raw Umber S1

Burnt Umber S1

Vandyke Brown S1

Mars Violet S1

Paynes Grey S1

Mars Black S1

Ivory Black S1